Eric Seddon’s Hot Club CD Release Sizzles the BOP STOP

Thu 8/16 @ 7PM

The Music Settlement’s BOP STOP, the handsome jazz/music club in Ohio City’s Hingetown neighborhood, was also scene of recording sessions featuring Eric Seddon, a jazz-clarinet player in the great New Orleans jazz tradition, with his ensemble the Hot Club.

Now the CD is out: Eric Seddon’s Hot Club: Bootlegs from the BOP STOP. Imagine going to Sun Studios for the party for Elvis Presley’s first release (or don’t; we hear Sun was just a cramped, utilitarian space, not like the BOP STOP at all); now come to the BOP STOP to hear NY-born Seddon and his associates, including Clevelanders George Foley (piano), Kevin Richards (guitar), Gene Epstein (upright bass) and Bill Fuller (drums) performing their sweet, traditional Dixieland jazz numbers in the place the tracks were laid down, as the recording hits the streets.

Tickets are $12.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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