Burglars Hit Coit Road Farmers Market, Steal Produce, Tools and More

The nonprofit Coit Road Farmers Market on the Cleveland/East Cleveland border is Cleveland’s only year-round market with its own dedicated building. It’s also Cleveland’s oldest farmers market with roots going back into the 1920s.

It also serves a struggling neighborhood that otherwise might not have access to fresh locally grown produce and other locally produced food items, not just selling food but also offering free monthly health events and nearly weekly free cooking demonstrations with free tastings. It’s been working hard to upgrade its building on a shoestring budget, recently completing a community kitchen.

That’s why it was especially disappointing to learn that the market was broken into on the night of Sun 8/12 and a large number of items stolen including a full cooler of surplus produce, farm equipment and tools such as a weed wacker, chainsaw and belt sander, and even things like extension cords

Market manager Kevin Scheuring writes, “As frustrating and disappointing as this kind of thing is it also brings out a lot of good. We’ve had an outpouring of support including some immediate media attention and many people offering up well wishes and prayers along with donations. And for those that aren’t in the position to make a donation remember that one thing is the most important to us. We need people to shop at the market. With enough customers everything else will fall into place.”

Now is peak harvest, with the largest selection of produce you’ll find all year, so it’s a great time to hit the market. Market hours are Wednesdays @ 10am-1pm and 4-7pm and Saturdays @ 8am-1pm.


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