Brent Kirby Storms Oberlin’s Riverdog Barn with Ray Flanagan & the Authorities

Fri 8/17 @ 7:30PM

There’s no touring act at Oberlin’s Riverdog Barn this weekend but that’s no reason you shouldn’t head out there. Yeah, you have about a million chances to catch Cleveland singer/songwriter/guitarist Brent Kirby in his many projects all over town. But if you haven’t seen him lately, what better place to catch him than this bucolic indoor/outdoor location, and do so while we’ve still got some wonderful summer weather?

While Kirby is originally from Wisconsin, he settled in Cleveland in the early 2000s, becoming a major driving force in the local scene with his classic midwestern-style rock. He joined with former Cowslingers guitarist Bobby Latina to form the roots rockin’ Jack Fords (who are still a going concern), and then in addition to solo gigs, forming a series of rock bands of which His Luck is the latest, starting a Gram Parsons tribute project New Soft Shoe, playing drums in holiday band the Ohio City Singers and hosting weekly 10 x 3 showcases at Brothers Lounge. He’s one of the area’s finest songwriters, with tunes that have a universal appeal and a timeless sound.

Don’t say you’re too busy to go — Kirby is surely busier than you! In addition, he’s trying something new for this show: he’ll be accompanied by another busy Cleveland rocker Ray Flanagan (whose guitar and vocals have graced a lot of other musicians’ recordings) and his band, the Authorities.

It’s a $15 donation at the gate, and you’re welcome to bring your cooler and picnic basket.



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