The BOP STOP Becomes a Flop Shop with the REAL Forbidden Broadway Recreated

Sun 8/19 @ 7PM

Imagine an alternative universe where the rap musical Hamilton failed completely with NYC audiences. Maybe some critics would grudgingly salute the concept and interesting music. Maybe a desultory cast album would be issued to recoup a fraction of lost investor money. But otherwise, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s songs might only be heard on rare occasions — like this special Cleveland Stage Alliance revue at the BOP STOP, showcasing Broadway turkeys.

“What the Flop?” is the title. See! See! See! Stories and numbers revived from some of the Great White Way’s most infamous non-hits, like the Marvel adaptation Spider-Man: Turn Out the Dark, and perhaps the notorious attempt to make a rock opera out of Stephen King’s Carrie (Not Since Carrie is the title of a cult book about Broadway misfires and misfits). Maybe even tunes from ill-fated attempts to mount sequels to Annie (with or without Miss  Hannigan) and Bye Bye Birdie.

Tickets are $15. Or did you already pay a scalper a grand to see Hamilton that night in Playhouse Square?


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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