It’s not a cliche. This town has had more resurrections in my lifetime than I can count. But it feels like the current one is going to stick.

For one thing, the current renaissance isn’t a manufactured publicity stunt based around a stadium, team or civic silver bullet. And outside of a few niches, I doubt we’ll even feel our latest savior’s departure, especially since his philanthropy and economic partnerships remain in the region.

This time, a sustainable web of modest enterprises has tapped into the region’s true strength; its cultural and entrepreneurial bedrock, so long overlooked, is finally being celebrated. And supported by the community. We’re here to help see that continue.

And so, we draw your attention to Erich Hooper and his Hooper Farm, tucked away in a corner of Tremont since 1994, way before the current urban farming trend. Learn about artist and park ranger Scott Kranyak and his latest book, The heART of Cleveland, launching this week during the CAN Triennial at 78th Street Studios’ E11even2 Gallery. The Agora once again rises from the ashes at E. 50th & Euclid with new management, upgrades and a diversified event calendar.

The overachieving Artist Archives of the Western Reserve open a blockbuster show featuring locals Derf, Gary Dumm, R. Crumb, Jack Kelly and Siegel & Shuster. The spunky Hamilton Collaborative welcomes Fire and Light Performing Arts to its space with an Ingenuity Spotlight Soiree. Mentor Headlands basks in Beach Fest, Morgan Conservatory serves up Farm to Table Feast, CHC celebrates Euclid Beach Park Day, Chardon hosts the Zucchini Festival,

The Akron Recording Company is hosting an open house at their new digs in the Northside neighborhood, Lake County’s Resonanz Opera sings in three venues,

It’s one thing to be reborn. It’s another thing all together to stay alive. –Thomas Mulready

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