Cleveland Orchestra Accompanies Musical Film Classic “Singin’ in the Rain” at Blossom

Sat 7/14 @ 8:30PM

From time to time the Cleveland Orchestra loosens up its black tie a little bit to offer live soundtrack accompaniments to great films. Hey, better than heckling them with robots in the front row, like Mystery Science Theatre.

In a summer offering at the Blossom Music Center brings the Orchestra, under conductor Richard Kaufman, to serenade live to Singin’ in the Rain, projected at night (a la drive-ins).

Speaking of Mystery Science Theatre, Arthur C. Clarke himself considered this 1952 MGM musical a science-fiction classic, since it deals with reaction to new technology. The savvy spoof of Hollywood takes the dry-sounding topic of Tinseltown’s transition from silent flicks to talkies, and makes it swing with Gene Kelly’s dancing and unforgettable musical numbers.

Think of the evening also as a tribute to recently deceased leading lady, a fresh young Debbie Reynolds. Tickets start at $25 for lawn seating.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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