The Canton Anime Fest Honors Japanese Creativity

Fri 7/13 @ 6:30-10PM

Sat 7/14 @ 11AM-11PM

Sun 7/15 @ noon-9PM

The Canton Anime Fest is here to Make Japanese Animation Great Again. Don’t worry; it will surely correct the failed Japanese anime policies of the previous administration.

The fest is a weekend marathon of Japanese-animated movies, projected on the biggest screen in Canton. There will be Studio Ghibli classics like Laputa and Kiki’s Delivery Service, alongside lesser known Nippon cartoon exports such as Batman Ninja. Some will be dubbed in English (Disney has lately been doing the honors for Ghibli’s outpout), while other will be English-subtitled.

And yes, a competitive cosplay contest is scheduled, and there will be a vendors and a Pokemon tournament. The super-deluxe weekend pass (including option to enter the cosplay spectacle) is $45. Otherwise, day-rate admission is available.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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