Take a Lunch Break to Meet Some Dogs at Playhouse Square’s Pet Day

Fri 6/15 @ 11AM-2PM

Playhouse Square has daily events going on its outdoor U.S. Bank Plaza all summer, including concerts, yoga, tai chi, silent discos, dance lessons and a farmers market.

One that animal lovers might want to circle on their calendar is their Pet Days, when the now-famous City Dogs will be at the plaza. A project of Friends of the Cleveland Kennel, the group pulls dogs, primarily pit bulls and pit mixes that have been tested and deemed socialized, from the kennel, slaps little red jackets that say “Adopt Me!” on them, and brings them to events in their own special van so people can pet them and go “awww, how cute” and have their notions about how nasty pitbulls are blown to smithereens.

Come down, grab some lunch at Dynomite on the plaza or one of the other nearby restaurants, and meet the dogs.


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