All We Are Saying Is Give Cleveland Peace Action a Chance at Market Garden Brewery

Tue 6/12 @ 7PM

Cleveland Peace Action is an activist group that challenges the mindset of military solutions and uncontrolled “defense” spending. Sounds like they didn’t have Haliburton investments during that great idea of the Bush people to spend trillions invading Iraq.

As part of a nationwide “Poor People’s Campaign,” the group has sought to coordinate a “Move the Money” mission to get bloated Pentagon funds (sucked out of your tax dollars, remember) re-routed to crumbling city infrastructures and needy neighborhoods.

With Peace@thePub, the group is using Market Garden Brewery, the restaurant/brewpub next to the West Side Market, for a public update and forum on this effort to, in their words, stop violence and terrorism through peaceful, just and democratic means. Imagine that.

There will be plenty of food available on site. Admission is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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