Pride Month Film at the Capitol Theatre Tells the Story of a Huge Step Toward Marriage Equality

Tue 6/26 @ 7:30PM

The Capitol Theatre winds up its month-long series of Pride Month films with To a More Perfect Union: The U.S. v. Windsor.

The 2013 Supreme Court case was a major step on the path to marriage equality, holding that it was unconstitutional for the federal government to apply terms like “marriage” only to opposite-sex spouses. It began when Edie Windsor’s spouse of 40 years died, leaving her estate to her wife (they married in Toronto). The federal government charged her an enormous amount in estate taxes which she would not have owed had her spouse been a man.

The film tells Windsor’s story and that of her attorney Roberta Kaplan as well as other members of her legal team, marriage equality activists, and both supporters and opponents of marriage equality.

Admission is $9.75 for adults, $8.75 for students, $7.00 for seniors & children. And 20% of all concession sales during the film will go to the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.




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