Preterm Community Program Explores Contraception for the Gender-Nonconforming

Mon 6/18 @ 6-8PM

This month, Preterm women’s health clinic devotes its monthly community series to an often overlooking topic: contraception for people who are anywhere on the gender spectrum: cisgender, transgender, gender nonconforming, or somewhere else.

They’ll be sharing medically accurate information on how contraception can used to control fertility, regulate hormones and affirm identity, and what the different option are.

“This conversation will equip you with the information you need to advocate for the birth control that is right for you, and give nurses, social workers and other front-line providers the tools they need to understand and provide affirming care for people across the gender spectrum,” they say.

Social workers can get two free continuing education units for attending. Nurse may be able to get CEUs as well, if approved. The event, at Preterm’s Shaker Boulevard office, is free and open to all. No pre-registration is needed. There’s free parking in the Preterm parking lot, so just drive past the sour-looking protestors and come on in. There will be snacks for forum attendees; the protestors will have to bring their own.

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