Praxis Fiber Workshop Shows Kimonos by Paper Garment Artist

Fri 6/8 @ 5-7PM

Back in the ’60s, when fashion changed at lightning speed and the idea of “fast fashion” (cheap garments worn for a short time) first emerged, there was much talk of the next obvious step: paper clothing. In the ’60s, artist Julie McLaughlin actually had such a paper dress.

That idea percolated for decades as she began to explore sculpting with paper in the early 90s, and then in the last 14 years, working with Kozo fibers which make thin, fluid sheets suited to wearable art. Her exhibit at Praxis Fiber Workshop, opening this week, features seven larger-than-life kimonos crafted from this material popular in Japan.

The show opens with a reception Fri 6/8 @ 5-7pm and remains on view through Wed 7/25.

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