Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Holds a Party in the Garden

Sat 6/23 @ 10AM-5PM

Sun 6/24 @ 10AM-4PM

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, just an hour west of downtown Cleveland, is a place every gardener should know about. The family-owned organic farm grows such an enormous selection of herbs you’ll have a hard time choosing until you’ve honed in on your favorites. Far from the usual garden center selection, you’ll find dozens of thymes, lavenders and basils, 15 or 20 mints, sages and oreganos — and plenty of exotic herbs you didn’t know existed, all grown on the grounds or in Mulberry Creek’s greenhouses. They also specialize in “fairy plants” — miniatures you can use to build your own outdoor fairy rooms, similar to those they have scattered on the grounds — vegetable starters, and specialty plants including rice, hops and miniature citrus trees.

It’s worth the drive anytime. But Mulberry Creek always celebrates the end of the planting season (they remain open for business through the end of July before taking August off to prepare for the fall season) with its herb fair, with a different theme each year.

This year it’s “Party in the Garden,” with the front field filled with vendors offering garden-related and handmade items (jewelry, soaps, aprons, spice blends and much more) and a full schedule of workshops ranging from using herbs as bug repellants to making tussie-mussie bouquets to “tablescaping.” There’s music, dancing and tai chi demonstrations and a special class in home brewing in the “Brew U” tent.

Food and drink? Of course! Look for the Mitchell’s ice cream stand, the Gaucho & Gringo Food Truck, the Vermilion Popcorn Store, Don’s Fruit Smoothies and Zurowski Bakery, with wine, mixed drinks and beer available too.

Admission is $5 per day.


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