Local Poet Steven B. Smith Shares Old and New Work in New Poetry Book at Mac’s Backs

Wed 6/13 @ 7PM

Local poet Steven B. Smith has been kicking around and being creative for many many years: by his own accounting “poet 55 yrs, artist 43 yrs, publisher Artcrimes 32 yrs, publisher agentofchaos.com 17 yrs.”

His latest book, Where Never Was Already Is, on Crisis Chronicles Press, features a whopping 244 poems covering 54 years, although the vast majority are from the past decade, and only eight (presumably those that have stood the test of time) are pre-1980s. The book also includes a collage by his with Kathy Smith and five poems co-written with her.

Smith will join fellow poets Joel Lesses and Matt Waxman at Mac’s Backs on Coventry to read from the book. It’s free and open to all.


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