Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm For Storm Drain Stenciling in Cleveland Heights

Sat 6/16 @ 9:30AM-2:30PM

“Storm drain stenciling” sounds like another dangerous teenage social-media challenge. Like something you’d here in a dire news report: “A Westlake YouTube star is in trouble again, this time for posting a graphic storm-drain stenciling on his popular live-streaming channel…”

BUT NO! DON’T PANIC! Storm Drain Stenciling Saturday has become an annual Saturday summer program given by the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, in a fun, family-friendly exercise in civic pride and watershed-management edu-tainment.

Volunteers — who can be individuals, families, teams, Scouts etc. — get to mark curbs next to residential storm drains by stenciling the message “Lake Erie Starts Here.”

Venues vary, but an emphasis this time focuses on the Cleveland Heights area. Participants will meet at the north end of the Cleveland Heights Community Center parking lot for a short stenciling demonstration, address assignments and the necessary supplies.

In case of rain, the stenciling will be bumped to the same time and place on Sun 6/7 (fortunately, the hardworking storm drains do not get a day off).

Participation is free, but registration is requested. Contact Andrew Klooster at 216-325-7781 or via


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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