Dobama Offers Award-Winning Israeli Play “On the Grill” Dealing With Personal and Larger Conflicts

Thu 6/21-Sun 7/8

The Dobama Theatre is presenting a special summer event with the America premiere of the Israeli play On the Grill by Dror Keren, which won the 2015 Israeli Academy Award for Best Play.

Don’t go expecting the usual lightweight summer theater froth. This is the opposite of that. Taking place at a family celebration of Israeli Independence Day, neighbors, family members and their guests work out personal conflicts amidst the larger Israeli-Palestinian one. One of the towering stars of the Cleveland stage, 89-year-old Dorothy Silver (pictured) returns to the Dobama Stage in a pivotal role, along with a cast of some of the area’s best younger professional actors. Leighann Delorenzo, director of Dobama’s Emerging Artis program, directs.

The play runs Thursday-Sunday through July 8. Tickets are $26-$32.

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