Cleveland’s Northwest Corner Celebrates Clifton Arts & Music Fest

Sat 6/16 @ 10AM-6PM

It’s the third Saturday in June. Must be time for Clifton Arts/Music Fest, which took a break last year for street construction — but it’s back now!

Cudell Improvement, Inc. works hard to bring the annual festival, now in its 30th year, and invites all to display (through advance registration) and purchase artworks by hundreds of local and national artists. Look for a juried art competition and lots of attendees. In recent years, the fest attracted as many as 40,000.

Cudell Improvement founded the event in part to bring to the lakefront Cudell and Edgewater neighborhood a singular type of celebration. If you’ve never strolled through this neighborhood, it’s high time. With its gorgeous postwar, big-family homes and landscaping, lots of shaded spots, and vibe of pride and diversity, this place is truly cool.

Admission is free.

[Written by Lucy McKernan]

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