Akron’s Chuck Auerbach Releases His First Album, “Remember Me,” at Age 68

Photo by Janet Macoska

Fri 6/15

Akron musician Chuck Auerbach got his start on a music career late in life which is why you’ll find him at oldguymusic.com. He worked in a variety of day jobs including forestry and antiques dealing while raising his family. He didn’t start writing music until the early ’00s and he didn’t start performing his own music until 2015, despite a lifetime love of music passed onto him by his father.

He passed that love onto his son, Dan Auerbach of Black Keys, who passed the baton back, co-writing some songs with Dan that landed on a couple of Black Keys albums. And as his son’s success inspired him to explore his own musical leanings.

Now at age 68, he’s releasing his debut album Remember Me, timed appropriately to coincide with Father’s Day. Produced by his son, it features some of Nashville’s top studio musicians. On it, he delves into his own life, relating stories about his own background and his parents, in music influenced by both R&B and country.

As Dan says in the album’s press release, “After getting so much help over the years from my dad I was happy to lend a hand in the making of this record and return the favor.”

The album is available here.


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