Water Is Life

The Washington Post recently called our current EPA director “a factory of bad ideas.” We wouldn’t disagree, but we’re more concerned with solutions.

So is Drink Water Drink Tap, which educates people with fun activities like the 4 Miles 4 Water walk/run and the All Things Water Festival, featuring an interactive exhibit on aquaponics and a poop-and-pee cornhole game. Now that’s a good idea.

Music is also life, as the families of Hawken School classmates killed in a car accident believed when they put together the Catch Meaning festival at the Rock Hall. Artist Thomas Sullivan gives new life to discarded items and assembles them into things of beauty in Child’s Play at Studio 2019 in Cuyahoga Falls.

Ride the rails with Thomas the Tank Engine, jam at Reggae Fest in Twinsburg, explore (in)justice at the For Freedoms town hall at MOCA, and celebrate the avant-grade with Syndicate for the New Arts at St. John’s Ohio City. Dip your pole. It’s your life. –Thomas Mulready

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