Toon in to Japanese Animation at ColossalCon in Sandusky

Thu 5/31 @ 5PM-2AM

Fri 6/1 @ 9AM-3AM

Sat 6/2 @ 9 AM-3AM

Sun 6/3 @ 9AM-5PM

We know a guy who can’t stop talking Robotech, and if that describes you too (Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop and Gundam Wing also permitted), then the place to be is ColossalCon at the Kalahari Resort.

It’s one of the bigger “otaku” conventions in Ohio, focused on Japanese animation, manga and gaming, with arts/crafts exhibits by fans, a dealer fair, videogame tournaments, improv comedy, wrestling/dodgeball, and even spontaneous free events for early arrivals at the resort on Wednessay

Guest include prominent voiceover actors, bands (Kid Yuki and the Otakus, among them), martial-artists, and gamers the Manly Battleships.

Japanese-idol dance-offs and cosplay-character costume contests will include a swimsuit special, and one can’t ask for mor than that. Well, yes, one can: an “Iron Makeup” challenge will have attendees trying to outdo each other in being Full Metal Alchemists, or somthing.

The door admission rate is $37 on Thursday/Friday, $45 on Saturday and $25 on Sunday — or buy a show pass for $70.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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