Stop Being a Crybaby; Get to Rogues Hollow History/Folklore Library Presentation

Mon 5/21 @ 6PM

If you haven’t heard of Rogue’s Hollow, you’ve probably heard of Crybaby Bridge, the legendary Wayne County, Ohio, spot in the old mining town in Doylestown.

At the Portage Lakes branch of the Akron-Summit Public Library, Mary Mertic of Chippewa-Rogue’s Hollow Historical Society will share photographs, mining town history, folktales and what’s being done to preserve Chidester’s Mill, which long ago burned to the ground under dubious circumstances. It’s also the site where many claim to have seen the apparition of one who allegedly set the fire to keep it from being sold.

Even creepier and sadder are allegations that the Hollow’s abandoned mines are frequented by the ghosts of miners who died suddenly in cave-ins and accidental suffocation. (Perhaps there’s truth to the phenomenon: This writer was suddenly overcome with inexplicable anguish while ambling across the Hoover Dam walkway, only to learn later that Public Works laborers were accidentally buried alive in the concrete.)

But what’s most famous, or infamous, about Rogue’s Hollow is Crybaby Bridge, where the poltergeist of an unwed woman is said to be seen throwing her unwanted newborn over the edge. Some claim to have seen the aggrieved mother weeping over the railing, or wandering nearby roads.

Copies of Mertic’s tome will be available for purchase. Admission is free and registration is not necessary.



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