Quirky Nighttown Favorite Nellie McKay Is Back in Town with a New Album

Sat 5/12 @ 8:30PM

Musician/actress/comedienne Nellie McKay is a true original, one of those oddball performers who’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who like her flavor, she’s a passion. Her 2004 debut album Get Away From Me almost seemed like a fortuitous mistake that had been slipped by some sleeping record executive: a double-disc set on major label Columbia that was far too adventurous and hard to categorize to be easily marketed.

And of course, she couldn’t be. So since then she’s been releasing a series of intriguing projects on her own label, including Normal as Blueberry Pie, a tribute to Doris Day and 2015’a My Weekly Reader, which featured covers of ’60s songs, a bizarre collection of the familiar (“Itchycoo Park,” “If I Fell,” “Sunny Afternoon”) and the obscure (Moby Grape’s “Murder in my Heart for the Judge”), none of which seems like it would be suited to her style, which of course is what makes these renditions weird and wonderful.

The New York-based performer has also done a lot of stage work, written and produced musicals abut intriguing women, contributed music to films and TV shows, and advocated for progressive causes such as animal rights (She’s a PETA activist). In her bio she says, she “would like to be friends with Russia, the country with the most nuclear weapons in the world,” but we don’t think she was at that famous Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and the Russian agents.

Very likely she was too busy working on her newly released album, Sister Orchid. And since she has become a regular at Nighttown where audiences eat up her humorous, eclectic pop music, she’s making a stop there to introduce them to the album, her 7th release. Tickets are $30.

Nellie McKay

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