Prove You’ve Got Both Oars in the Water with the Akron Portage ’n’ Paddle Fest

Sat 5/19 @ 8AM-2PM

On Saturday, you could either watch that royal wedding or take part in a pair of footraces, and a canoe/kayak relay in Akron. Let’s put it this way…Those UK royal marriages have higher casualty figures.

The healthy alternative: the Akron Portage ’n’ Paddle. For the second year now, it happens at Nesmith Lake, off Manchester Road in the Kenmore neighborhood.

Canoe foot races (where runners carry the canoes on their backs out of the water) take place across paths of different distances — eight miles, three miles and one mile. And there’s the added cultural attraction at Trailheads Events Center of a recreation of a what a genuine native canoe encampment would have looked at long before the coming of the white man (yeah, thanks for that too, Royals).

A formal dedication will be made at the site as part of the after-race awards ceremony. A strictly landbound bicycle component is also offered; register ahead for either on the website.


[Written by Charles Cassady]



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