PHOTOSTREAM: Tribute to Cindy Barber at the Beachland by Anastasia Pantsios

Sun 5/6

For about six or seven years, local musician/comedian Charlie Wiener has been organizing tributes to various veterans of the local music scene, such as Michael Stanley, Alex Bevan, Pat Dailey and Carlos Jones, with the idea the people should be honored while they’re still alive and kicking so they can bask in the love of their peers.

He mixed things up a little this year, making Beachland Ballroom co-owner Cindy Barber the subject of the tribute. A stellar cast of players provided the soundtrack, including Don Dixon & Marti Jones, Maura Rogers & the Bellows, Colin Dussault and Alex Bevan, Ray Flanagan, I-Tal’s Dave Smeltz and friends, Jim Ballard, Alexis Antes and Luca Munduca, and the “Sort of Generators,” three members of that legendary early 80s Cleveland band, among others.

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.

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