Maltz Museum’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Educates About the Past, Lest We Repeat It

Sun 6/3 @ 11AM-5PM

With open Nazis running for office in California and Illinois (they won’t win, but still …), the number of anti-Semitic incidents (and other hate crimes) exploding, and a recent survey showing that younger people know little about the Holocaust, don’t know how many died or what Auschwitz was, it’s clear that evens such as the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage’s Holocaust Education & Remembrance Day are sorely needed.

The program includes film, lectures and personal testimonies about heroic actions taken in the midst of all this darkness. There will be a 1pm screening of the documentary Lost Town, the story of the town of Trochenbrod in Western Ukraine, where only 33 people out of 5,000 escaped a Nazi massacre. At 3pm there’s a lecture on the Armenian genocide of 1915-1917, and at 4pm, there’s a talk with 80-year-old Cleveland Jewish survivor Roman Frayman.

Admission is only $5 all day.


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