Local drummer Robert O’Lexa Celebrates His 44th Birthday With All 4 of his Bands at the Happy Dog

Photo by Mara Robinson

Sat 5/12 @ 9:30PM

Cleveland drummer Robert O’Lexa is celebrating his 44th birthday with four bands — “4 for 44” he calls it — at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square. The hook is that plays with all of them.

He currently sits behind the kit for Banging Fragiles, Vengeance Space Quartet, Iron Oxide and the Dandelion Moon. So while the other musicians will get time off time to kick back and enjoy a beer and a hot dog, O’Lexa will be demonstrating how much stamina he still has as he approaches middle age.

Originally from Pittsburgh, O’Lexa played for early ’90s Pennsylvania death metal band Rottrevore, which had the most indecipherable logo of any band in a genre known for indecipherable logos — it resembled an angry hedgehog.

He arrived in Cleveland in 1995 and since then has worked his way through a series of bands, usually juggling several to satisfy his eclectic leanings. They included Rollercoaster, Ditch, the Lovekill and Stoned by Magic as well as his current bands. He’s also participated in the Lottery Leagues.

The jazzy Dandelion Moon opens the evening, followed by dreamy shoegaze-style Banging Fragiles, the new wave/no wave Iron Oxide and finally the noisy improvisational/experimental Vengeance Space who, in addition to O’Lexa’s birthday, will be celebrating the arrival of their debut album The Decaying of the Year.

Admission is $5.


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