Ohio Horror Flick “Witchtown” Conjures Local Debut at Tremont’s Visible Voice Books

Fri 4/20 @ 7PM

Visible Voice Books in Tremont, one of the area’s few independent bookstores, managed the unthinkable in this economy and after closing down for three years re-opened for business again. Thus a perfect venue for a special event about unnatural occurrences and living dead: a screening of the Toledo-made horror feature Witchtown.

Directed by Stephen Biggin and made by local talent with crowdsource funding and volunteers, Witchtown shows what happens when a pair of unskilled dabblers in the occult perform the wrong sort of ritual and, well, all hell breaks loose.

Join guest filmmakers at Visible Voice for the Cleveland area premiere. Admission is free. The venue warns that the Witchtown is not appropriate for children; better leave them at home with one of those Harry Potter adaptations instead.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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