Ohio City’s Townhall Goes to Pot with 420 Fest

Fri 4/20 @ 11AM-2AM

Friday is, of course, 4/20, the “grass”–roots nationwide unofficial celebration of marijuana. So where to go to properly observe it, besides the Cleveland Heights homes of college art instructors or Lakewood apartments of college art students? You can tell we’ve seen things that scarred us.

In any case, Townhall of Cleveland in Ohio City is throwing an official “4/20” party to mark the occasion. Expect pop-up vendors (vendors in what? We can’t begin to imagine…), video clips — something suggests the public-domain Reefer Madness is a frontrunner — and hemp-oriented cocktails and beer. And, of course, plenty of good food (Townhall is a declared GMO-free zone) in case of the “munchies.”

Admission is free, and all ages are allowed.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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