Look for Stranger Things at Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair in Lorain 

Sat 4/21 @ 10AM-6PM

Sun 4/22 @ 11AM-5PM

Tri-C Ghost Hunters, the Cleveland Haunt Club and other like-minded ghost-chasing and Forteana societies have come to the old St. Joseph’s Hospital, now a community center — supposedly haunted — for a weekend psychic and supernatural-phenomena fair in Lorain.

Perhaps they can lift the curse on Cleveland sports teams? No, not enough proton packs in the world for that. But there will be ghost story authors from in and out of state (including William Krejci, co-writer of the recent definitive history of the Franklin Castle), spirit mediums and alt-medicine healers, plus vendors in everything eldritch and unspeakable. Maybe even a few hand-bound Necronomicons, you never know.

The ghostlore part of the building will be divulged in guided day tours, costing $10 per person, with 12 and under free. Admission is an amazing fact of which even the skeptics would approve: free, but cash and food donations will be appreciated, going to a local food bank.


[Written by Charles Cassady]




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