Jazz Pianist Monika Herzig Brings Her All-Woman Band SHEroes to Nighttown

Sun 4/8 @ 7PM

It’s always depressing to go see a youth jazz ensemble and note that while there will often be a nice mix of black and white boys, there will be maybe one girl, if that. Yet music isn’t a field where talented is distributed unequally by gender.

Bask in the talents of some all-star women players from around the world when German-born pianist Monika Herzig, who is now on the faculty at Indiana University, brings her jazz ensemble SHEroes to Nighttown. On stage you’ll see flutist Jamie Baum, trombonist Reut Regev, guitarist Leni Stern, acoustic bass player Jennifer Vincent and drummer Karina Colis, celebrating the release of a new SHEroes CD.

Admission is $20.



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