Film Looks at How Much Screen Time Is Healthy at the Canton Palace

Tue 4/24 @ 7PM

Washington state documentary filmmaker Delaney Ruston, a specialist in nonfiction features on mental health and society, really captured the zeitgeist with her 2016 film Screenagers.

Starting with Dr. Ruston’s parental dilemmas in choosing to buy a new smartphone for her teen daughter, the film addresses the World Wide Web of headline-making issues over youngsters in the digital age: cyberbullying, stupid social-media stunts, sexting, getting lost in virtual-reality gaming worlds and electronic alienation from relatives.

Screenagers asks how much screen time is healthy, and how it can be channeled back into family interaction and proper development.

Admission is $5, with a post-film panel discussion headed by the Stark County nonprofit for middle- and high-school innovation TomTod Ideas.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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