Drums & Dragons

It’s not quite time to get out on the water. But the Cleveland Dragon Boat Association is getting a jump on things with their benefit this week at Forest City Brewing. Row on over.

As a drummer, I relate to the beat. Whether it’s the thrum of Beethoven’s symphonies performed by TCO, or the Rock Hall Inductions returning to Cleveland this year. If you’re ready to go daytripping, CoolCleveland correspondent Nicole Hennessy rolls out the perfect plan for an artsy weekend nearby. If you’re up for a road trip, we’re headlining with our Bowie show and Vanity Crash in Chicago this weekend.

On the flip side, Terrence Spivey, Peter Lawson Jones and Jeffrey Glover discuss the myth of leaving home to become successful in the arts. CoolCleveland columnist Ellen Connally criticizes the blizzard of hostile taunts Native American protesters suffered on opening day. Mansfield beats the drum about making our community safe for sex workers, while CoolCleveland’s wine maven Claudia Taller finds a new favorite spot in Lakewood. Let’s find the best in each other, and beat it to the Lake. –Thomas Mulready

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