The Cedar Lee Theatre Screens 1950s Musical Romance “Gigi”

Tue 4/24 @ 7:30PM

Sat 4/28 @ 11AM

The 1958 romantic musical film Gigi, starring lithe ballet dancer Leslie Caron as the titular gamin, indulged in a sentimental fantasy that never dies: the rich, handsome, worldly man who falls in love with the adorably unsophisticated girl with the good heart who gets past his jaded facade and breaks his vow not to get romantically involved.

Set in turn of the century Paris, Gigi is being trained to be a courtesan, a mistress to this wealthy man. But of course, that identity doesn’t fit easily on her and after the usual misunderstandings and stormings-out, there’s a happy ending. And there’s Louis Jourdan as Gigi’s proposed lover and Maurice Chevalier as his uncle singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” What more could you want?

It screens twice at the Cedar Lee Theatre. Tickets are $6.


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