Artist Tim Callaghan Shows Paintings of E. 185th Street at the La Salle Theater

Fri 4/20 @ 5-9PM

Sat 4/21-Sun 4/22 @ noon-5PM

North Collinwood’s East 185th Street is a mostly shabby commercial corridor with a few glimmers of new life, places like the Standard and the newly rehabbed La Salle Theatre. But most of it is the kind of businesses found in un-fancy neighborhoods: corner bars, auto parts stores, a tattoo parlor, a carpet emporium, an endless string of barber shops, beauty salons and beauty supply outlets, a Riteaid, a post office. Not much visual excitement — unless you are a talented realist artist like Tim Callaghan, who lives in the neighborhood.

In what he describes as “an exercise in observational painting,” Callaghan too a sketchbook to locations with walking distance of his house and made drawing to serve as the basis for large gouache paintings on paper. The results will now be on view in a pop-up show entitled A Lovely Tremble, taking place appropriately at the La Salle Theatre.

Put together by the Maria Neil Art Project, the show will be on view for one weekend only, with an opening reception Fri 4/20 @ 5-9pm, and viewing hours from noon-5pm Sat 4/21 and Sun 4/22.

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