Unprecedented Hilarities at Pickwick & Frolic Comedy Awards in Cleveland

Mon 3/26 @ 7PM

The first-ever Cleveland Comedy Awards goes down with a stitch at Hilarities at Pickwick & Frolic.

C-Town’s comedy stage presence has grown, and comedians want to crow about how they killed it by showcasing their best standups, sketches and podcasts, not the least of which include best male/female comedian, best short- and long-form joke, best showcase, best event, best live, best promoter, best club, best comedy short and best performer’s award.

Check out why these chuckle-makers have earned the “Silver Yo-Yo” award, and look for guest performers and surprise presenters, athletes and various and sundry other entertainers for an extraordinarily fun night out.

Admission ranges from $20 to $25.


[Written by Lucy McKernan]

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