St. John’s Church in Ohio City Hosts an Evening of Experimental Music

Fri 3/16 @ 8PM

Syndicate for the New Arts & New Ghosts Productions are hostingan evening of experimental, avant-garde music, taking place in Ohio City at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

It’s headlined by electric guitarist Tashi Dorji and drummer/percussionist Tyler Damon, who live in different parts of the country (Dorji in Asheville, North Carolina, Daman in Chicago) yet come together periodically(occasionally with a third musician) to bounce ideas off each other in real time and explore the boundaries of sonic space.

The show will also feature three special guests with adventurous musical tendencies: Danish saxophone player Liberty, bassist/sound collagist/improviser Frank Meadows and Oberlin student Judy Jackson who is double majoring in technology in music and related arts and computer science, and uses her coding skills to feed her performances of electronic music

Suggested donation is $15.



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