It should be obvious that we’re not going to make it unless we help each get through. If it’s the year of #MeToo and Time’s Up, men are going to have to step up and step aside to allow women to take their rightful places.

Filmmaker Rob Banks and painter John Carlson are collaborating on a series of works suggesting that men must be allies in the struggle for equitable treatment of women. Their show, Don’t Be Still opens on Friday at HEDGE Gallery, and CoolCleveland correspondent John Benson talked with both.

Top area acts such as MOSSOM, DJ Ryan Wolf, rapper Q Money, Shelter Jones and Obnox are headed to Austin either for the official SXSW showcases or related parties and events such as the Texas Indie Fest. Mahall’s is opening their secret apartment as a gallery/event space, and we’ve got the video to prove it.

Sometimes you just need some good advice from a trusted friend: CoolCleveland career columnist Alex Sukhoy offers her 10-Step Professional Self Audit. Whether you do it with someone else or alone, it’s chocolate weekend in Canton, it’s jazz festival time at Lakeland Community College, it’s time to rock the ukulele in Tremont, it’s all about staying sober for St. Patty’s in Avon Lake. What are you and your partners doing this week? –Thomas Mulready

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