Enjoy a Rare Revival of International Film Classic “Valley of Peace” at the Cinematheque

Sun 3/11 @ 6:30PM

More than one authority has called the Cleveland Cinematheque the best film venue in the northwestern U.S. between New York and Chicago. Because it can show Black Panther on 24 screens? No, because of high-quality rarities such as this weekend’s Valley of Peace.

The 1956 battlefield drama from filmmaker France Stiglic helped energize the film industry of the then-nation of Yugoslavia (which persevered with international co-productions and surprisingly progressive homegrown film, even during the chilly Iron Curtain years of the Cold War). It broke ground in other ways by starring a black former GI-turned-actor, John Kitzmiller, as an American WWII pilot, shot down in enemy territory, who becomes a guardian for two war orphans convinced he will convey them to a fabled safe haven.

Local movie historian, filmmaker and Slovenian culture expert Joe Valencic hosts the special screening in person and describe the signifcance of Valley of Peace and the people who made it, with a newly restored print.

Admission is $10, with discounts for Cinematheque members.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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