Cure Your Comic-Con Withdrawal at Cleveland Concoction in Aurora

Fri 3/9 @ 10AM-10PM

Sat 3/10 @ 9AM-10PM

Sun 3/11 @ 9AM-3PM

Say you were discouraged by last week’s big comic-con in Cleveland — the distance, costs and that Stan Lee cancelled at the last minute. How about a place where you are likely to run into people cosplaying as Stan Lee? (It could happen). Try Cleveland Concoction in Aurora.

Concoction is not only a local production but also gets away from the big-budget movies and TV domination and back to what brought proud fan-geeks to weekend “cons” in the first place: role-playing gaming, Japanese manga/anime, comic books, costuming, and fan artwork and crafts.

Guests include musical harpist twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt; star Marvel Comics writer Tony Isabella; Youngstown fan-film superhero actor/cosplayer and real-life deputy sheriff (!) Knightmage; and gaming experts/Youtube stars Nerdarchy.

An Author Alley brings SF/fantasy writers from far and near, such as Geoffrey Landis, S. Andrew Swann, Marcus Calvert, Mary Turzillo, Olivia Berrier, Mackenzie Flohr, A.J. Matthews, Very Vocal Viking (Troy Maynard), Linda Robertson and many others, with specialty panel discussions.

There will also be the Nerdy Dancers of CLE and screenings by local filmmaker Alex Michaels with his Out of Darkness TV series.

Weekend registration at the door is $50 for adults, $25 for children.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]


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