Classic Hollywood Musical “Easter Parade” Is Resurrected at the Cedar Lee Theatre

Tue 3/27 @7PM

Sun 3/31 @ 11AM

The Cedar Lee Theatre has been screening a set of movie musicals, and the 1948 MGM extravaganza Easter Parade seems particularly appropriate for the season (maybe because with all this talk about drafting winners for the Browns, it puts one in the mindset of miracles needed).

Easter Parade stars Fred Astaire (a last-minute replacement for Gene Kelly) as a showbiz star of the 1911-1912 era, who, after the star singer-dancer (Ann Miller) departs, tries to groom an unknown chorus girl (Judy Garland) into being a headliner replacement. OK, it’s not directly tied to the New Testament, but the title Irving Berlin musical number is one of the high points.

And seeing it in Technicolor on the big screen, like producer Arthur Freed intended, is way better than Netflix. Admission is $6. The film is suitable for all ages.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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