Chinese Pipa Player Wu Man Plays Cleveland Museum of Art with Huayin Shadow Puppet Band

Wed 3/21 @ 7:30PM

You won’t find the pipa, a lute-like Chinese instrument, in your local orchestra. But its history goes back more than 2,000 years.

Master pipa player Wu Man is considerably younger than that — she was born in the early 60s and moved to the U.S. in 1990 to grow the reach of her music, which incorporates contemporary elements into the traditional repertoire. She’s worked with ensembles such as the adventurous Kronos Quartet, collaborated with artists such as Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, and was a founding member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project. That’s only scratching the surface of her many cross-cultural projects.

When she comes to town to perform at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gartner Auditorium, she’ll be joined by the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band for an evening of traditional music rooted in ancient rural China that features, lutes, fiddles, clappers, gongs and vocals.

Tickets range from $30-$59.

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