Survival Kit Gallery Hosts Experimental Multimedia Performance After Third Friday

Fri 2/16 @ 9PM

Don’t head home when 78th Street Studios’ Third Friday winds down at 9pm and the galleries shut their doors. Instead, head up to the top of the building and go all the way to the back, to the Survival Kit space.

There the ensemble The Pith and Root of Sleep, directed by Matt Kiroff, will perform an hour-long multimedia piece that incorporates musical improvisation drawing from avant-garde classical music, free jazz and experimental popular music; improvisational and performance art-based dance and visual stage elements.

Performers include Kiroff on micro-tonal electric pianos, Detroit sax and flute players Molly Jones and Jake Shadik, bassoonist Evan Schultz, concert harpist Stephan Haluska and dancer Irene Honora. Haluska will also play an opening set.



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