The Shark Tale Movie That Was Not Shark Tale Angled at the Cedar Lee Theatre

Wed 3/7 @ 7PM

In 1975, Steven Spielbrg’s Jaws was the must-see summer mega-blockbuster about a 25-foot long great white shark that finds the tourists of Martha’s Vineyard easy eating. Aside from the thrills, this was the movie that changed American film forever: big-budget monsters; monster marketing campaigns; theme-park rides based on features; countless crummy sequels; and the noisy, hype-driven Summer Movie Season; all these can be traced to Jaws.

At least that what critics say. What would, oh, scientists say? Reel Science is a film series wherein the Cleveland Museum of Natural History hosts movie screenings (not at the museum but at Cleveland Cinemas locations), with CMNH-affiliated people fact-checking Hollywood entertainment.

For the Jaws screening at the Cedar-Lee Theatre, a young husband-and-wife paleontology team (sounds like Spielberg trope if there ever was one), Lee Hall and Ashley Hall, will watch Jaws and give their lab-bench report.

Admission is $8, with discounts for museum members. The film is R-rated.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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