Roe Together at Trinity Cathedral Is an Evening for Women’s Rights Supporters


Thu 2/8 @ 6:30PM

Since taking office in January 2011, Governor John “Not a Moderate” Kasich has signed 20 bills restricting women’s reproductive freedom. Masquerading as measures to protect the “unborn,” in reality they restrict the lives of mostly lower-income women, limiting their life choices and making it more likely both they and their children will be consigned to poverty. Meanwhile, the state Supreme Court just this week upheld challenges to some of these mean-spirited and unnecessary laws.

The Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition (FOCC), a group of local and state organizations dedicated to protecting women’s reproductive rights and access to total reproductive health, is hosting an evening called Roe Together 2.0 to bring together activists for education and encouragement.

At 7pm, there will be a panel discussion with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio executive director Kellie Copeland, constitutional law scholar and CWRU Law School associate dean B. Jessie Hill, and state representative and tireless advocate for women’s rights Janine Boyd, Ashley Underwood, project coordinator of Patients to Advocates Fellowship, moderates.

Recognizing both the 45th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, and the way it’s being chipped away at by anti-choice zealots like Kasich, they’ll talk about the legal history of reproductive rights, how people like Kasich and the Ohio legislature are threatening those rights, and what kind of gauntlet women have to go through to exercise their right to an abortion. They’ll also guide attendees in taking action.

The event, taking place at Trinity Cathedral, is free, although donations to cover expenses are appreciated.


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