So the Moon’s NOT a Balloon? e. e. cummings Was Wrong and other Lunar Revelations at CMNH

Thu 3/1 @ 8PM

Werewolves may wish to avoid the March “Frontiers of Astronomy” free lecture at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, as Dr. Brett Denevi, of Johns Hopkins University, shoots for the moon.

It is rather easy to take the moon for granted, but discoveries about its surface and geology continue. Though it is easy to be considered as a “dead” world, does the moon still evolve or show seismic activity over time? Dr. Denevi will discuss those and other luna-tic topics, including manned lunar exploration.

Admission is free. If weather conditions are favorable, telescope viewing at the CMNH observatory may take place. Note that the rest of the museum and galleries will be closed.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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