Imagine All the People Eating Mac and Cheese at the Mac’n’Cheese Throwdown

Sat 2/17 @ 12-3:30PM

The Winter Olympics represents human endurance, striving, athleticism and grace at the highest physical levels. Okay, now FORGET ALL THAT! We’re talking the Mac’n’Cheese Throwdown at the Cleveland Huntington Convention Center. Much easier to get to than South Korea.

More than 30 top restaurants in the northeast Ohio are competing in a popular vote (Gold, Bronze, Silver medals, how are they doing this?) contest to see who can create the best dish out of the basic formula of macaroni and cheese.

There will be music from “a cheesy DJ,” plus beer and other fun beverages, and “a bunch of other stuff.”

Puts Seoul in perspective now, doesn’t it? This is a family-friendly event (put on by Wags 4 Kids), with children under five getting in free (but they must pre-register). A tasting of 10 samples costs $25, 20 samples is $40, and an Olympian-style all-you-can-taste pass runs $65.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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