Fishing Films Go Wild at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Fishing in Tanzania by Jako Lucas

Sat 3/3 @ 5:30PM

Finally, we found the one form of cinema in which talent did not have to advance their careers by sleeping with powerful, depraved producers (maybe). We speak, of course, of fly-fishing documentaries. An extremely good haul of them comes to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

It’s the touring F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour, hosted in its eighth year here by the CMNH Trout Club. These are often high-energy sport-fishing short subjects, made by professionals and gifted advanced amateurs, using GoPro cameras and U/W gear. The adventure-album stuff will be enhanced by vendors from local angling clubs and wilderness outfitters, and raffles for outdoor gear by such names as Yeti and Ross Reel.

Doors open at 5:30pm and films begin at 7pm. Note the afterparty and “iron fly” event at the Forest City Brewery. Admission is $20 in advance, $25 at the door.



[Written by Charles Cassady]

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