Explore the World of Critters in Love on a Summit Metroparks Valentine’s Day Hike

Photo by Bob Roach

Wed 2/14 @ 3:30-5PM

If human love leaves you cold, especially amid the sentimentality of Valentine’s Day, join a Summit Metroparks naturalist on a hike to learn about the love lives of critters and how they express their affection. You’ll learn how some animals, such as great-horned owls, begin their courtship and mating process in the dead of winter.

“We will learn about the unique lives of herons, turtles, fireflies and more along Deer Run Trail,” says naturalist Janean Kazimir.

The hike takes place at the O’Neil Woods Metro Park. But they warn hikers, “The 1.8-mile trail is challenging and has ups and downs, like any relationship.” It’s free and open to all vigorous outdoorsy types.


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