Duo Decibel System Debuts New Piece at Go Factory With Improvising Sextet Hexapod Opening

Duo Decibel System

Tue 2/27 @ 8:30-11:30PM

Hexapod is a new improvising sextet that includes saxophones, arco bass and drums. Musicians Alex Henry, Tom Lempner, Jack Smiley and Dan Wenninger are on saxophones; Rick Kodramaz is on bass; and Mat Weisman is on drums.

Duo Decibel System consists of Miss Melvis on guitar and vocals and John Scully (drum kit, percussion and electronics). The duo is described as equal parts analog noise and electronic ambiance layered over a jazzpunk base. The two have had a presence in several vintage Cleveland underground bands, including The Heathers, Chump, Flat Can Company, Numbskull, Starvation Army and the SLAP Jazz Quartet.

They’ll play “4, 5, Stx,” a new six-part piece that portrays six stages of life. Each section is devoted to a specific key, time signature and tempo.

The show takes place at the Go Factory in Ohio City. Hexapod will go on at 9pm and Duo Decibel System at 10pm. $5 donations are encouraged.

facebook.com/1Way at the Go Factory


[Written by Nicole Hennessy]

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