A Perfect Package

Are we perfect? In a way, yes. Large enough to support world-class assets, yet blessed with easy access. Finally aware enough of our cool destinations, but not overrun with tourists. Rich in history, while training our eyes on the future.

Paczki is king in Parma, the Slovenian Workmen’s Home benefits stray cats, The Music Settlement celebrates community music education, Beck Center mounts a revolutionary HAIR,CoolCleveland correspondent Stephan Haluska interviews surfpopgaragegaze band Forager about their upcoming cassette release, and CoolCleveland writer and author Charles Cassady offers perfectly scary true crime stories at libraries east and west.

Towards a more perfect region: Mansfield reminds us that our relationship with race remains our Achilles’ heel. We still struggle to retrain our felons as they return to society. We can attend events to support women’s rights and the veracity of science. This week, we can make the package even more perfect. –Thomas Mulready

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